Room details

= Amenities = LCD TV, Air Conditioner, Satellite Channels (BS/CS), Free Internet Access (Wi-Fi/Wired LAN), Refrigerator, Mini Bar, Electric Kettle Air Purifier (with Humidifier), Bath Scale (upon request), DVD Player (upon request), Blue-ray Player (upon request), Mobile Phone Charger(upon request), Hair Dryer, Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Cap, Tooth Brush, Comb, Hair Brush, Razor, Shaving Foam, Soap, Body Soap, Men's Cosmetics Pajamas (upon request), Yukata (Japanese Bathrobe), Slippers = Services = Room Service (6:00 to 23:30), Laundry Service Pool (Jacuzzi) (charges apply), Sauna (charges apply, men only), Free Shuttle Bus (7:30 to 21:00), Parking, Pressing Service, Mineral Water
Max guests 2
Bed type(s) 1 double bed
Room size 22 m²