1-Taimatsu-cho, Shiokoji-sagaru, HigashiHorikawa-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8237, JAPAN


* Best Price Guarantee


Check-In / Check-Out

Q : Can I keep my luggage at the hotel before check-in or after check-out?
A : Our staff can hold your luggage all day, both before check-in and after check-out.

Q : Please let us know your check-in / check-out time.
A : Check-in time is from 2:00PM and check-out time is 11:00AM.
Staff are available 24/7, so there is no cut-off time to check-in and no evening curfew.

Q : I’d like to send my luggage in advance. Can you keep it?
A : Please feel free to send your luggage to the address below.
We are happy to hold any items until check-in, but we kindly ask that guests pay all shipping fees before sending any items to our hotel.
*This also applies to mail order items.
1 Taimatsu-cho, Shiokoji-sagaru, Higashi Horikawa-dori, Shimogyo-ku,
Kyoto 600-8237 Japan

About the Rooms

Q : Do the rooms have air conditioning?
A : All the rooms in our hotel are equipped with air conditioning, as well as a humidifier.

Q : Is it possible to share a bed with children?
A : For pre-school children (ages 5 and under), an additional bed is not necessary.
Children in elementary school and older will be charged the same rate as adults.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Q : Are the children’s pajamas or yukata?
A : Children sizes for yukata range from 10 to 80 cm (up to 32 in) or 80 to 130 cm (about 32 to 51 in) in height.
Inform the staff of what size you would like, but please understand that our stock is limited.

Q : Is there are charge for children to eat breakfast, even if they’re sharing a bed with an adult?
A : For the buffet breakfast at All Day Dining KAZA, there is no charge for breakfast
for children 3 and under.
The price for elementary school children (7 to 12 years old) is 1,500 yen,
and fee for toddlers (4 to 6 years old) is 800yen, tax and service fees included.
Children are charged the same price as adults for the French style breakfast
in Top of Kyoto or the Japanese set menu breakfast in Tankuma Kitamise.

Q : Do you have a crib or baby bed?
A : A small cot is available for babies age 0 to 1.
The charge for the cot is an additional 1,650 yen per night (tax and service fee included).
Please understand that there is limited number of units and that some rooms may
not be able to accommodate a crib, due to the size of the room.

About our Restaurants

Q: Can I reserve breakfast?
A : Reservations for breakfast are not accepted. Seating operates on a first-come-first-serve basis. We appreciate your understanding.

Q : Can I bring strollers into the restaurant?
A : Strollers are allowed in all our in-house restaurants.

Q : Is there a nursing room?
A : We have a nursing room on the first floor of our hotel.

Q : Is the hotel wheelchair friendly?
A : Our hotel is completely wheelchair accessible.
Wheelchairs are also available for guests who have limited mobility.
To access our French restaurant, Top of Kyoto, there is a staircase,
but our staff are happy to assist you.

Q: Do they have a dress code?
A : We have a dress code for dinner at the French dining TOP OF KYOTO.
Please refrain from wearing light clothing such as T-shirts, shorts, or sandals.

Q : I am allergic to certain foods. Can I change the menu?
A : We will do our best to make substitutions to suit the needs of our guests.
For your convenience, please contact us in advance for any special changes to the menu.

Q: Can I bring wine to the restaurant?
A : Guests can bring their own wine for an additional charge, 3,630 yen per bottle (tax and service fees included).


Q : Is there a shuttle bus to the hotel?
A : Our shuttle bus commutes to and from the Hachijo Exit of Kyoto Station
every 15 minutes from 7:30AM to 9:00PM every day.
Please wait at the Hachijo Exit bus stop, near the shinkansen ticket gate.
*Maximum capacity is 25 people.

Q : Is there a parking lot?
A : Our parking lot is free for all hotel guests.
Please note that should or parking become full, our staff will direct you to the nearest coin operated parking lot.

Q : Please tell me about the cancellation policy.
A : 1 day prior to the reservation date: 20%.
The day of the reservation: 80%.
Cancellation without notification: 100%.

Q : Is there a public bath?
A : While we do have a pool and jacuzzi in our facilities, unfortunately we don’t have a public bath.
Our concierge is happy to direct you to local public baths, or “onsen”.

Q : From what time is room service available?
A : Guests can order room service from 6:00AM to 11:30PM.

Q : Is there a convenience store nearby?
A : The closest convenience store is about 3 minutes away from our hotel on foot.

Q : Is it possible for minors to stay at the hotel unaccompanied by an adult?
A : We ask that a parent or guardian submit a consent form for minors staying at our hotel.

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